Is barter better?

Barter has been around for centuries. It’s timeless, easy and the most effective way for two individuals to conduct business.

I have this…you have that. Let’s swap.

However with the advent of currencies many people find that cash is a little more convenient and more readily used. On the surface it looks better. Yet, if you don’t have it there is not much you can do to obtain the things you need except: barter.

So from that perspective alone: barter is better.

How Does Cashless Cooperative Work?

Cashless Cooperative uses the power of relationship and not a central currency like a barter or trade dollar for its members to conduct business with one another. With every transaction made a stored value currency called Value is created on during the point of sale on behalf of the buyer and deposited into the seller’s wallet.

The seller can then sell, trade, donate or gift the Value to another user. The end result: cash or cash benefit for the seller and customers for the buyer.

It’s that simple. We do all the work. You just trade as you normally would.

What makes us different?

Most barter and trade exchanges:

  • charge cash enrollment fees
  • charge cash fees for their use
  • limits use to members
  • do not allow conversion to cash
  • do not drive consumer traffic

However, unlike the others we:

  • never charge a cash enrollment fee
  • never charge a fee to trade
  • never limit your use to a specific group
  • only charge a fee when you convert Value into cash
  • reward you with real cash incentives and real cash-paying customers