How our method is different…and better than barter!

No Cash Fees

With Cashless Cooperative, members will never again pay a cash fee to enroll, trade or maintain their account.

In fact…

Our members get to use this amazing platform to generate real cash revenues with every trade they make with other members.

Unique business opportunities

From A to Z and everything in-between, Cashless Cooperative has a variety of partners and programs designed to empower the local neighborhood.

Freedom from debt

When you use the Cashless Cooperative platform to make purchases, members can benefit by retaining your cash dollars so they can be used to pay off cash debt.

Numerous spending options

Regardless of the relationships, you have personally every Cashless Cooperative has well over 100 different businesses that will allow you to make purchases and create stored value currency that you can use to drive traffic back though your doors.

Free Advertising

is just the beginning to the number of programs that Cashless Cooperative offers. Through our partners and members we can provide artisan portals like, job services like, and a custom-built marketplace like Amazon. Furthermore, our members can tap into reduced pricing on payment processing and a variety of other types of services all designed to be purchased with Value and not cash. Not to mention with every purchase made buyers can get the benefit of real-time advertising to customers everywhere.

Converting barter into cash

This has never been easier. Sellers can simply market the value they own and sell it for cash to consumers.

Real incentives and real rewards

Sell your value at a discount and get real rewards and real incentives. Every time you sell value at a discount to empower others you will receive Cashless Cooperative Credit for every dollar sacrificed. This credit can be used toward the purchase of anything offered by Cashless Cooperative itself.

Pay your workers

Pay your workers with Value that they can use right from your wallet. They can then use that Value, sell, trade, donate or gift it to another just like you.