About Communyti

Communyti was founded on the idea that we could all work together to rebuild and restore our world. With a patent-pending payment system and a uniquely-designed platform, Communyti combines the best of both the barter and cash worlds by empowering our members with real cash and real customer incentives. Driven by a power of relationship and a state-of-the-art currency creation mechanism called Unyti, Communyti can make the impossible possible once again. In fact this one-of-a-kind infrastructure can:

allow Communyti members the ability to:

  • Offset cash expenses
  • Establish a value-backed currency
  • Monetize cashless transactions
  • Drive consumer traffic
  • Generate real customers and real cash earnings.

Why Us? Why Not!

Located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Communyti is pushing the boundaries of barter and trade to forge a new realm of opportunity for those that have been kept down for far too long. Making a difference is our goal and this platform our offering to help rebuild, restore and reignite the local community. No matter how big you are or how small you feel, this one of a kind system will level the playing field for all who dare to engage it.